Major Risks of Having Unclean Workplace

In this article, we will discuss the 5 major risks that may resurface within unclean workspaces. With this in mind, we will also highlight why a meticulous and regular cleaning schedule is important.  

Sick leave 

An unclean office is surely associated with several health hazards. From outbreaks of flu, chronic respiratory issues, to niggling irritation, a dirty working environment can urge a massive number of workers to use more sick days than they would usually have. If your workers are absent, it can greatly affect the productivity of your business.  


Who would want to work in a dirty and cluttered office? Probably no one. If a working environment is clean, it can go a long way to make sure that your workers and colleagues are motivated, productive, and happy every day. 

Nowadays, open plan office designs have been widely used. However, expect that these designs will reach some consequences if you and your employees will showcase signs or unpleasant habits as you use the entire area.  

Workers who prefer to work in a clean area would be disappointed when they are constantly surrounded by stains, spillages, clutter, or dirt. Besides, a negative atmosphere can circulate immediately all over the office especially when it’s not cleaned regularly.  


Illnesses and viruses aren’t the only things that you should pay close attention to in a dingy office. Clutter can equally be dangerous to your workforce and employees.  

First of all, once an office is cluttered, it only displays a lazy and unprofessional atmosphere, which will greatly affect the total reputation of your business.  

Secondly, scattered clutter in meeting rooms, next to desks, behind desks, behind doors, along corridors, or anywhere within your office can make serious trip hazards for workers. Moreover, poorly placed bags, coats, and boxes potentially obstruct fire exits, making the whole office more challenging and riskier to navigate.  


The mold development happens once too much moisture is left to amass, regardless if it’s from spillages or from water vapor that hasn’t been properly cleaned up. Similar to your house, office molds usually accumulate in areas where moisture and water are common. The toilets and kitchen are the major culprits, and these are 2 spots in which office employees usually don’t take time to clean it well. Mold can offer several health risks, from throat/skin irritation to respiratory conditions, allergic reactions, and the development of rashes. 

Bacteria and germs 

Sloppy or lazy cleaning practices can result in the fast propagation and development of harmful bacteria and germs in the office. Potentially, germs can survive anywhere within your workplace—from cutlery and cups to kitchen tops, door handles, and tiled floors, carpets, and even stained desktops. If you fail to guarantee the total cleanliness of your office, it only indicates that you’re giving bacteria and germs the chance to thrive and accumulate in your office. As a result, it can spread widely and a large portion of your workforce could experience prolonged illness. 

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