5 Common TV Installation Mistakes

The innovation of TV has now given us mounts with needed materials for an easy and quick installation. This is a blessing for us who subscribe to the idea of DIY. But such blessing can be a challenge due to problems that may occur when we handle such, regardless of the TV and mount model. These 5 common TV installation services mistakes mounting will help newbies to avoid them; plus, there’ll be helpful solutions and tips.

TV Installation Services

1. Usage of old drywall anchors that can’t support TV’s weight

The combination of plaster and old drywall spells problem. It will be more problematic if they crumble away or the wall studs aren’t properly spaced. Wall studs placed too far can create problems. The material in between will bow in most cases. Online tutorial videos show that direct mounting to drywall should be carefully executed (if you really opt to do this), like for each of the toggle bolts, always check load capacity. Also, use correct number. If the wall appears to be flimsy, it’s better to drill directly and secure mount with your lag bolts.

2. Failure to level TV and mount

Most television mounts have built-in bubble levels. Other people call it spirit levels. If the mount that you have doesn’t include one, consider getting one so you can ensure the TV is plumb and level. Another option you might consider is a laser level. But this mechanism might intimidate you because it’s expensive.

3. Usage of DIY materials that are underrated

The internet created a generation of DIY believers. It’s our current source of valuable information from all fields we can think of. TV installation is no exemption. DIY is cheap for you only have to pay for the needed materials. Moreover, it gives you a sense of accomplishment once you already finished it. Don’t go too crazy though on finishing a project at the quickest time because you might end up with an output that is weak. This is true to DIYers who created mounts that aren’t tough enough to resist heat and withstand weight. It’s best if you’ll use manufactured mounts. They’re powder-coated and heat treated for long use.

4. Incorrect VESA Size

For starters, vesa stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. One of its breakthroughs as an organization is their identification of standards for placement of holes at the back of TVs. For you to attach TV properly and safely to the mount, you’ll need to check the TV and the mount have same VESA specifications. It is advised for you to check VESA size of your TV.

5. Hardware that isn’t properly tightened

Prevent your precious flat screens from falling and breaking by properly tightening it. Lag bolts and screws are usually installed with power drill. This helps ensure that the mount is secured and fastened. Another tip to consider is putting liquid dish soap on your lag bolts to make the tightening process easier. When you choose your lag bolts, go with the ones feature hex heads. With these bolts, you can use impact driver or ratcheting wrench.

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